Ayurvedic Preconception / Prenatal Consultation


Ayurvedic Preconception / Prenatal Consultation


Ayurveda can be a wonderful complement to a conscious pregnancy or conception. This consultation is for women who choose to look at conception and pregnancy from a sacred and spiritual standpoint. Through this session, you will access invaluable esoteric information simply not available through conventional medical care.

During the session, Kiera will help you ready your mind and body to experience a healthy and joyous pregnancy or conception. This session is highly individualized, and will include a combination of:

  • Natural fertility or prenatal nutrition, optimized for your mind-body type

  • Ancient self-care practices + rituals for pregnancy

  • Spiritual + mental health

  • Chakras and hormonal health

  • Oils + skincare + aromatherapy for pregnancy

  • Navigating traditional home birth and "soft-birth" practices

After looking at your overall lifestyle and state of health, Kiera will design a holistic prenatal/preconception plan for you. This plan will help prepare your mind-body-spirit to receive and carry the blessing of new life.

Kiera sees clients in lower Manhattan on Wednesdays, or over Skype/telephone. We will be in touch with you to schedule your session. 

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